Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Hewitt Queries

Does George W. Bush deserve any loyalty from his party? From pundits identified with his party? If so, how much and why not more?

He deserves Loyalty and we've given it to him for 5 years. But you can't keep going to the well ... if you do then your just behaving like the Democrats. Bush has asked us to swallow many bitter pills. What we as Americans can't stand is something that looks incompetent... and the Miers nomination looks like that.

Do Harriett Miers' many accomplishments count for nothing?

In her life-yes- In being the best canidate for the SCOTUS seat -NO-

Does Harriett Miers strike the commentator as a dedicated public servant?


Why not wait for the hearings to at least begin?

Because the hearings are not the begining of the process. And to many serious issues have come out for this nomination to go any further. The longer this death of a thousand cuts happens the harder it will be for her to salvage it in the hearings.

How important is it that Roe v. Wade/Casey be reversed?

The Reversal isn't as important as -WHY- you reverse it. If you reverse it for anything but a philisophical reasoning of why the Roe precedent was wrong ( not why Abortion was/is wrong) then you'll just be more of the same.

Which five precedents does the commentator think are in most pressing need of reversal?

Raich, Kelo, the one in Nevada ( where they made the guy turn over ID), Lawrence V Texas, and I need to think of #5

Does the commentator agree with George Will's assertion of Justice Lewis Powell as the "embodiment of mainstream conservative jurisprudence?"

I think Renquist is now the mainstream of Constitutionalist Jurisprudence. I think the use of conservative on the court -is- wrong.

Is a neo-Borking underway which will discredit the conservative cause's defense of its future nominees against similar, future attacks from the left?

No, If we allow a canidate with these kind of problems to get nominated it attacks our ability to defend legitimate canidates.

What are the political consequences of a defeat of Miers at the hands of a GOP controlled Senate?

It depends on how the defeat goes down. And it depends on who is seen as most at fault. I don't think it will impact the 06 election ( the democrats are 4th and long going into the 06 election and are setting the bar high with incompetence). I think it will be the last nail in the Bill Frist campaign for 08. I think to this can be a war for evangelicals to make their bones unless Miers finds a way to bring them back ( and sorry Hugh most evangelicals aren't happy with her either)

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