Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's begining to look a lot like Fitzmas

Ok once again there is no news on the Plame-Game investigation. This lack of any news is so Important that News websites are posting "No news yet"

After reading "Constitutional Chaos" the opinions I would have had on the issue have matured a great deal. I admit I was one of those people who was pro-impeachment at the time. I now however am less happy about some of the incidents that occured during the impeachment ( and incidentally the only thing Bill did during that whole process that he was later convicted of -perjury- was never a focus of the impeachment....)

Hear is my new opinion about Fitzmas

#1) If some one clearly broke a law ( which does not seem to be the case based on all the Information avalible in the public)in releasing the name they should be prosecuted.
#2) If Lying to investigators is brought up as a charge then it should be cast out. After reading Constitutional Chaos I have lost any and all respect for that charge. Investigators can -and often do- lie to you to get you to incriminate yourself. I don
't think that should be a crime unless the lie leads to a clear loss of life ( example you lie to an investigator and instead of their finding a bomb they find nothing and the bomb kills people). Not an esoteric pseudo threat but a real concreat one.
#3) If "Criminal Conspiracy" is brought up as a charge without a actual -criminal act- attached to it ( such as leaking, or a series of perjuries that were planned out) then we should chuck what Fitz has done
#4) Perjury: Perjury is bad. Perjury is something I can accept out of the Fitzmas mess... so long as it is actual perjury not a "what the definition of IS is"

So.... if we have actual Perjury or an actual CRIME I can be happy with all this.

Prosecutors in this country some times tend to go after people when they have a blank check. I'm not going to support something like that from this point on anymore.

For those who may cry political foul I will be posting my review of Constitutional Chaos a bit later today or tommorrow. Once you see how the book has made my thoughts expand you'll see this isn't politics but a refining of my traditional loathing of government.

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