Friday, October 28, 2005

Hip Hop Republican has a neat post

On Black Arabs

here is a good quote

The hajj has demonstrated since ancient times that neither Africans nor Arabs considered physical barriers or long distances as insurmountable obstacles. Large numbers of African pilgrims never returned to their native lands as far away as Senegal.

Instead, they settled throughout the Middle East, including present-day Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine/Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, the Persian Gulf countries and Turkey.

Prominent Arabs of African descent include Kuwaiti Crown Prince Saad and Saudi Arabia's longtime ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Also included are many popular musicians, such as Mohamed Abdu of Saudi Arabia, members of the Miami Kuwaiti Group and Nabil Shuail of Kuwait, and Yemeni musician Abu Rab Idriss.

It puts things in perspective about Slavery and values in this world.


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