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Dixie Chick's kiss off to Dixie

(H/t to Gay Patriot)

Back'n'the day one of the most awesome men to ever walk into the world of Country music was Mr. Johnny Cash. Now the man in black had some opinions that were probably disagreable to the folks of his time and fought against the internal politics of the music industry.

and he still sold albums, why? because he respected his audience. When he politically disagreed with what some of them said he made the disagreement with the policy, not with the person.

Here is a site explaining the above ad

Although no harm was intended by Cash's gesture, he was making a pointed (no pun intended) statement not only for himself but also for his fellow disenfranchised country performers: We're still viable artists.We can still win awards. Just give us some support! It is no secret that older country artists such as Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones and other older, established performers are finding it increasingly more difficult to garner airplay on today's country radio stations. You can rest assured that Jones, Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson all got a real belly laugh out of Cash's ad.

Much has been said and written about the absence of older artists from the radio airwaves recently. A great deal of the criticism levied upon country radio has come from the artists themselves. It appears to be a frustrating situation for all involved. Jones, Cash and Haggard all have released outstanding albums in recent years with very little fanfare and even less airplay.

Cash fought for his music, he fought for what he had to say as an artist and Johnny Cash would never run from a fight....he may lose a fight, and he often did, but Johnny Cash was all about the music

Natalie Maines however is all about herself

"For me as a person, [The incident has] completely altered the course I was on," Maines tells Entertainment Weekly. "For me to be in country music to begin with was not who I was. I liked Martie and Emily's (the talented Dixie Chicks) playing, but I did not grow up liking country music."

Oh so you didn't play the kind of music you played to get yourself over by latching on to two talented people.

Well isn't that like -you- speaking out politically for a band as opposed to saying -I-

''We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.''

The other two girls didn't say much to support you during that time did know why because THEY were about their music.

"And I guess I was ignorant to the fact that the stereotypes behind country music were true — and it was disappointing."

again all about little Natie... Well GUESS WHAT I don't think you were ignorant. You were in the creative process trying to promote to a culture. I think it was the fact you thought you had solid gold nuggets coming out of your rear well guess what...people want you to sing, not to buy your political message.

"So I'm pretty much done. They've shown their true colors. I like lots of country music, but as far as the industry and everything that happened... I couldn't want to be farther away from that," Maines told EW.

again we look at her words, all about herself. And all about how "they" attacked her.

and her narsicissm goes deeper

So - how do sisters Emily and Martie feel about this?

"Um... I don't know," answers Maines. Yikes.

Yikes indeed. She basically say's I'm not going to do country any more, and is forcing the rest of the band to follow her lead or split up the band.

and if you look at the track record of her being a controversy/attention whore you see this is hardly new.

The easy solution when this all began for the Chicks was to back Maines' right to rip the president and then move forward. But then Natalie attacked mega-star Toby Keith and now has attacked the fans and basically anyone that listens to country music.

The trio also tried the victim route at the time crying on national TV and posing for the cover on the left. ((the famous naked with words cover)) That didn't work as the only folks running to their defense was the far left political fringe.

Its all about Natalie and the rest of the band having to cover for her big mouth.

She could have taken the Johnny Cash route. Made a good political criticism of the war and not attacked the President. She could have not attacked toby keith

but in the end, it wasn't about her music or even about the politics... it was about her need to be the center of attention.

not the music, her

so country music, and it's fans are better off without the Chicks

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