Wednesday, February 01, 2006

John Kerry: Making a fool of himself again

Matt Drudge is on the case

KERRY: That's terrific. But 53 percent of our children don't graduate from high school. Kids don't have after-school programs... He didn't ask America to sacrifice anything to achieve great goals and the biggest example is making the tax cut permanent for the wealthiest people in America. The average American struggles to find time to take carry of families, working two or three jobs... It's a disgrace. He did not tell the real state of the union.

Kerry's 53% claim conflicts with a recent press release from the U.S. Census Bureau: "High School Graduation Rates Reach All-Time High"

And the Census Bureau's own website states: 85.9 Percent Of Americans Aged 20-24 Are High School Graduates. (U.S. Census Bureau Website, , Accessed 2/1/06)

Now... did John Kerry mean 53% of inner city students?

How about 53% of Minority students?

I think thats the only salvation he could have for the idiocy... but sadly based on old "Crushed" Kerry's track record I think he does mean 53% of all students.

But yes folks online would fact check that and quickly... but now even NBC had problems with it.

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