Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NAACP Godwining III (sort of)

Well looks like some one else ran some follow up (thanks for the tip off Instapundit)

The article makes clear that the truth, unsurprisingly, lies somewhere in between the claims of Bond's detractors and his defenders.

On the Nazi/swastika issue, it does appear that the audience members who told WND about Bond's speech misheard or misunderstood him. He wasn't comparing Republicans to Nazis; he was making a comment that he makes often about the Confederate flag, which he, for some reason, refers to as a "swastika":

So not lumping them in with NAZI's he was doing a sort of "Confeds were Nazi's" ok thats retarded and incidenary

According to the tape of the speech, Bond accuses the administration of using Powell and Rice -- both of whom are black -- "as kinds of human shields against any criticism of their record on civil rights."

Human shields? So basically, yeah, he is calling them "tokens," just not in so many words. The audience members accurately summarized Bond's remarks, they just erred in saying or implying (or perhaps WND erred in hearing or inferring) that "tokens" was a direct quote.

So WND wasn't right but they were not wrong either

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