Saturday, October 01, 2005

It Came from the Email Box (PLO edition)

We all know the Palestinian Authority is more moderate now

oooooooor not

Abbas Rejects Unilateral Solutions, Temporary-border State
Abed Rabbo: Arab Initiative Links 'Normalization' to Ending Occupation

Palestine Media Center - PMC [Official PA website]

President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday confirmed Palestinian Leadership's
commitment to the PLO political platform, peace and the Arab peace
initiative, and rejected partial and unilateral solutions to the conflict
with Israel, including the so-called state with a temporary borders.

"We adhere to the platform of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the
sole and legitimate representative of our people" Abbas told an audience of
several thousand supporters and guests in the West Bank town of Ramallah on

In a speech at the Freedom and Liberty Festival in the presidential
headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas made it clear that the liberation of Gaza
will not be completed until there is a complete Israeli withdrawal from the
West Bank and Jerusalem city, and a Palestinian "viable, contiguous and
independent state with Jerusalem as its capital" is established, the
official news agency WAFA reported.

He rejected partial and unilateral solutions to the Palestinian conflict
with Israel and said there is no alternative to the comprehensive solution.

"The comprehensive solution is the path and not the partial and unilateral
solutions," he said.

"The solution should be based on partnership and negotiations and not on
unilateralism and dictate."

Abbas rejected "the so-called state with temporary borders. All of us must
say no to a state with temporary borders," he insisted.

He also pointed out that no comprehensive settlement could be reached
without "a just and agreed upon solution" for the Palestinian refugees
issue, based on the United Nations Resolution 194 of 1949, and the removal
of all the Jewish colonies that Israel built on Palestinian land it occupied
in 1967.

Abbas confirmed the Palestinian legislative elections will run on time, on
January 25.

"We are not going to comply with outside dictates," he said. "We have
decided who has the right to take part in this election, and no one has
control over us," he said.

Agony of Weapons Chaos 'Must Stop'

Commenting on the deteriorating security situation, Abbas said: "We need
security as a matter of national interest. We all must preserve security for
the sake of our people. So we all should stop this chaos."

Abbas was referring to armed parades like the Hamas rally on Friday, when 19
Palestinians were killed in a blast.

"I greet you today in these moments of sadness and anger that spoiled our
happiness and joy over the departure of the settlers and soldiers," he
saluted his audience.

"Today, we are required more than ever to end this tragedy that resulted
from chaos and military parades in residential areas," he said, adding that
he was "dumbfounded, pained and shocked" by the casualties at the rally.

"What happened yesterday is what we always feared would happen, and what we
always warned against.

"This continuous agony must stop, the agony of the weapons chaos, of the
rallies, all at the expense of law and order in residential areas," he said.

"We must stop parading our weapons and stop using guns among the people,"
Abbas concluded.

Abed Rabbo: Normalization Linked to Ending Occupation

The Freedom and Liberty Festival was attended by the diplomatic corps,
Israeli Arab Knesset members, the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei,
Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Rawhi Fattouh, PLO Executive
Committee members, cabinet ministers, national and religious figures, and
several thousands of Palestinian citizens.

Member of the PLO Executive Committee Yaser Abed Rabbo addressed the
audience on behalf of the organizers of the festival.

"The departure of the (Israeli) occupation from the Gaza Strip is a national
achievement for every and each Palestinian," Abed Rabbo said.

However, "this achievement remains incomplete because Gaza will not be free
until the larger part of the homeland is liberated, the restrictions on the
movement inside the homeland and with the (outside) world are lifted, and
all the prerequisites for sovereignty are met," Abed Rabbo added.

"Gaza should be a prelude to a comprehensive solution that leads to the
creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and to a just
solution of the (Palestinian) refugee question according to the UN
Resolution 194," he indicated.

Abed Rabbo stressed the need of the Palestinian people to restore their
national unity on the basis of "the popular struggle against the occupation,
commitment to the PLO platform," and the Palestinian and the Arab peace

He called on the Arab world to adhere to the Arab peace initiative "which
linked normalization with the occupation state (Israel) to ending the
occupation and the establishment of the state of Palestine."

The Arab peace initiative did not link normalization with Israel "to an
incomplete solution and incomplete withdrawal from Gaza, that is accompanied
by the colonial expansion in Jerusalem and the West Bank," Abed Rabbo
reminded the audience, according to WAFA.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

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