Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Liddy Dole: more Anti-Frist 08 talk

Liddy Dole has been horrible inr ecruiting for the senate as Republican Senate presents a pretty d@mning case.

Dole 2006 (2-8-1)

1. Florida - failed to get Gov. Bush; failed to get a second-tier challenger; ended up with Rep. Katherine Harris, who has consistently trailed miserably against Sen. Nelson
2. Maryland - may have gotten Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, who has an exploratory committee, but has not committed to the race
3. Michigan - missed Jane Abraham, Rep. Candice Miller, and Rep. Mike Rogers; Stabenow leads GOP front-runner Rev. Keith Butler by 20+
4. Minnesota - got Rep. Kennedy, who was running with or without NRSC recruitment
5. Nebraska - missed Reps. Fortenberry, Osborne, and Terry and acting Governor Dave Heineman; Nelson's now a heavy favorite against a motley crew of third-tier candidates
6. New Mexico - missed Reps. Pearce and Wilson; Bingaman will coast to reelection
7. New York - Rudy? No ; okay, perhaps this one's not on her
8. North Dakota - Hoeven passes; Conrad wins without trying
9. Tennessee - No shortage of candidates here, but Dole's done nothing by way of clearing the field for the strongest candidate
10. Washington - No Rossi, no Dunn, no chance, no way
11. West Virginia - still a shot at liberal Rep. Capito; should've recruited former WVU basketball coach Gale Catlett or rising star Secretary of State Betty Ireland from the start; if Capito had the stomach for it, she'd have gotten in already. Oh by the way, there's nothing like giving away the values issues, as Capito would do, in a state that is economically closer to Sen. KKK
12. Wisconsin - No Thompson, no Ryan, no chance

Looking at this hit parade we see that Liddy Dole may have done more then any single person to keep the senate at a 0 seat gain. The only person this looks real good for is Allen.

And this just shows you what a career insider whose husband was a man who ran and lead the senate to a majority status can do.

During the Bush years the Senate has become a rubber stamp for the President's will and such mediocrity lead to the Liddy Dole NRSC chairmanship

Another reason to be down on Insiders and loyalists

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