Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Miers story just gets better and better folks

This *IS* the L.A Slimes so I am willing to doubt heavily their insight but if this is true this isn't very good.

First Lady, Democratic Leader Helped Miers
# Laura Bush wanted a female justice. Harry Reid suggested the White House counsel.

I have no problem with A in this scenario... heck we all know about A.

But B.... wtf on B

Yes the only mention what we already know about Laura but lets look at the time line issues.

On Sept. 21, during a breakfast meeting with Bush and other senators, Reid suggested that Miers would make a good nominee, citing his favorable impression of her during the confirmation process for the new chief justice, John G. Roberts Jr.

In addition, senators of both parties were urging Bush to consider a nominee who has never served as a judge. Such a candidate, they said, would bring different experiences and perspectives to a court whose members had risen through the ranks of the judiciary.

So because she was able to grease John Roberts through the wheels of things she'd be a good choice for a Justice?

What kind of cracktacular logic is this?

Now while I have no problem with a non-judge being sent to the court their are plenty of other options.

Like ooooooh
1) members of Congress
2) Governors
3) people who head law schools
4) prominent Legal scholars

why a penultimate insider?

The president returned to the White House on Sunday morning for an annual church service honoring the legal profession on the day before the Supreme Court's new term. "He's still working … still considering lots of options," Card told reporters as Bush got off Marine One.

By 7 p.m., Bush told Card of his decision, and Card called Vice President Dick Cheney.

In the end, McClellan said Monday, Bush recognized Miers as "someone who had the kind of qualifications and experience and judgment that was needed to serve."

On Monday morning at 7, an hour before he announced Miers as his choice, Bush called the new chief justice to inform him of the nomination. Then the president called O'Connor. A short time later, he attended Roberts' investiture.

And this is real disrespect ot John Roberts. On the day of his investiture he went forward with this.

and this was a choice vetted mostly by insiders with Paul Weyrich being the only outsider ( so far) to come forward on this.

It shows a process that really didn't get a good test of the waters which is why Bush is blindsided right now

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