Monday, October 03, 2005

Trust the President my aunt petunia

I like Lori and I like Kitty ( of Polipundit and Kitty Litter fame)

Ok folks. Let me say this

Bush DOESN’T have any trust that I owe him on this one.

  1. Immigration: On the Immigration issue all The President has done is encouraged a culture of further illegal immigration

  2. Spending: The President has aided and abetted the congress in the grotesque spending that has been going on.

  3. He hasn’t Veto’d anything out of congress. The president has shown himself as some one who doesn’t want to confront congress but is more then willing to get blown over by the congress

  4. The DOD has been harassing and trying to discredit the folks behind able danger. The President could allow some degree of this stuff to come out, its what this country needs

  5. His Medicare Prescription Drug slush fund will only serve to be a new money pit for future generations

  6. He not only didn’t make a solid press for Social Security, he has let the issue fall off the back burner. An issue that could bankrupt me and everyone in my age group he has let some do-nothing democrats win.

  7. His plan on faith based programs is a danger to every church that is willing to invest in it.

  8. After the “brownie” incident and putting another insider in charge of immigration we don’t want another crony pick

  9. The horrifically bad bankruptcy reform bill

  10. His assault on the commerce clause when it has come to medical marijuana.

The pick was utterly unimaginative, and with her addition to the court it is very clear that the President is putting more people on the bench who favor executive supremacy and not the US constitution. And the Constitution is more important then this or any president.

Lori was just telling us to settle down, but I am not going to be insulted by Kitty just on the basis we need to trust this president. He has given us numerous reasons not to trust him. I voted for the President because John Kerry would have been a disaster for this country. I expected better and I know I am not alone.

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