Monday, February 06, 2006

From the "These Jokes Just write themselves" File

Michael Jackson, when not cross dressing in a Middle Eastern country is now going to Partner with the Roman Catholic Church.

Father Giuseppe Moscati of the Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, which specializes in church music and organizes musical events at the Vatican, said his company had the rights to 24 of Pope John Paul's prayers and wanted to put together a group of international artists to set them to music.

"We have been contacted by people close to Michael Jackson who have expressed interest and we are thinking about it," Moscati said.

and even Al-Reuters has to take the cheapshot

The Catholic Church has been rocked by a U.S. priestly sexual abuse scandal that began in Boston in 2002, when it emerged that priests who had abused children and teenagers were transferred from parish to parish instead of being defrocked.

I feel dirty for making this cheap a joke.....

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