Monday, February 06, 2006

This was what I was waiting for

Many Bloggers Jumped in to the most recent developments of current Iran crisis when the IAEA voted to send it to the Security Council.

But I sagely waited.

Many More Jumped in when the Iranian Regime told the International Community to go F*** itself

but again, sagely, I waited

I can now Jump in as the cycle of insanity gets to start all over again... yes the Russians are telling the kids to get out of the pool (and Newsmax is there)

MOSCOW -- Russia's foreign minister warned against threatening Iran over its nuclear program Monday after Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld reportedly agreed with a German interviewer that all options, including military response, remained on the table.
...."I think that at the current stage, it is important not to make guesses about what will happen and even more important not to make threats," Lavrov said during a visit to Athens, Greece.

Rumsfeld, in an interview with the German daily newspaper Handelsblatt, was asked if all options, including the military one, were on the table with Iran.

"That's right," Rumsfeld responded, according to Handelsblatt's print edition Monday.

Yes kids because we shouldn'tuse a military response to you know... RESPOND to a military threat.And why is Moscow wanting to cool things out... why money of course

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak said Monday a proposed joint venture to enrich Iranian uranium in Russia would be possible only if Tehran resumed its moratorium on enrichment activities, Interfax reported.

Despite an earlier threat to the contrary, Iran said Sunday it was willing to discuss Moscow's proposal to shift large-scale enrichment operations to Russian territory in an effort to allay suspicions it is pursuing nuclear weapons.

here is the problem... Iran can buy enriched Uranium right now and does for their reactor program

Iran knows that game....I supply you an energy source you don't have and I give you lots of money.

So i think their may be other Russian motives but money is probably stil a huge factor.

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