Sunday, October 02, 2005

Democrats working hard to steal defeat from the Jaws of Victory


WASHINGTON - Democrats trying to change their presidential primaries for 2008 agreed Saturday to recommend that at least two other states join Iowa and New Hampshire in voting during the opening days of the nominating campaign.

Yes because as we saw with John Kerry the problem was that the nomination was sewn up to soon.

Do they REALLY think that by having the Presidential race done in february they have solved anything?

No, all they have done if this stupendously bad idea comes forward is make it that much harder to defeat the "Me Too" ism that ended up selecting John Kerry the worst canidate for president in the last 50 years, possibly the worst canidate for President in the last 100.

Harold Ickes sums this up nicely.

"We wanted to shut down the system and get our candidate out early," Ickes said. "If ever there was a foundering ship that was it. The longer we went on, the lower we went down in the polls. If we'd had a year we'd have been down around zero."

But once again the Democrats will work very hard to pre-emptively defeat victory

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