Sunday, October 02, 2005

Paris Hilton's Parents deserve to be Higher on the Bernie goldberg list

I generally loathe all things Paris Hilton but in this story on the Scotsman I have to say I found a truely loathesome thing about her parents that puts the whorishness of Paris into context.

Kathy said: "I'm not thrilled with this Latsis kid because of his values. He lives in a 12 million dollar house in Beverly Hills and has no job."

Rick added: "He's nice, but nobody except a rich kid."

-Emphasis added-

Ok.... Lets review.

Latsis is rich, and instead of feigning a job or trying to get media attention he just lives off his money. How horrible is that? I mean I am very sure he does other things with his time. So that is a tacky judgement.

But Rick Hilton takes the cake

he's NOBODY. Now do we see why Paris is putting out her sex tapes and her topless photos.. I mean having them "stolen". Because to both of her parents you have to be somebody to matter. If I had bags of money and my son or daughter met some one who was nice and dirt poor I'd be happy for them. I'd lock the money down to protect my child but *I* would be happy if they were happy.

It is stuff like this that I think we can all agree on The Hilton clan has no values, and thats why Paris is such a Stupid Spoiled Whore

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