Thursday, October 06, 2005

Further Miers Meltdown

When people don't agree with you what do you do? Well if you are the Bush white house on the Miers pick it seems INSULT them is the way to go.

At one point in the first of the two off-the-record sessions, according to several people in the room, White House adviser Ed Gillespie suggested that some of the unease about Miers "has a whiff of sexism and a whiff of elitism." Irate participants erupted and demanded that he take it back. Gillespie later said he did not mean to accuse anyone in the room but "was talking more broadly" about criticism of Miers.

The fact that is what the chief white house advisor says shows just how truely the white house is out of touch with the metaphysics of the problem.

Even Paul Weiyrich one of the godfather's of American conservatism saw the administration just doesn't get it

Weyrich, who hosted one of the meetings, said afterward that he had rarely seen the level of passion at one of his weekly sessions. "This kind of emotional thing will not happen" often, Weyrich said. But he feared the White House advisers did not really grasp the seriousness of the conservative grievance. "I don't know if they got the message. I didn't sense that they really understand where people were coming from."

I even find myself on board with wingnut Phyllis Schlafly
We feel this is a disappointment in President Bush. If it's going to be a woman, we expected an equal heavyweight to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her liberal stance, and we did not get that in Miss Miers."

The White House I think has just jumped the shark right here

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