Thursday, October 06, 2005

My solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict

Why am I posting this. Cause It has been in my head today.

these are the first ten things

events listed chronologically

  1. The Muslim states ( you know who you are) who have not ALREADY done so recognize the state of Israel unilaterally.
  2. The Nation of Syria renounces any and all territorial claims and ambitions it has put on Israel beyond land taken in the wars with Israel
  3. Israel begins to negotiate with the Muslim states to have a transperent weapons verification structure.
  4. The Saudi Government and Iranian government agree to unconditionally suspend funding of Militant groups in Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.
  5. The Israeli's move out all settlers ( areas which have become towns or areas in the region that have always been majority jewish or major plurality Jewish are put on the side for later)
  6. Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and Jordan sign a mutual defense agreement
  7. NATO and EU efforts to build stronger ties with Israel, Jordan and Egypt move forward as a block
  8. Those nations with Palestinian Refugees take the resources seized from former jewish residents and repatriate them to the refugees.
  9. A decleration that no nation will launch a Nuclear first strike, that reserves the right to a defensive strike
  10. More negotiations

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