Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hey Mayor Gavin ( a top ten list)

Since the elevation of Wireless Internet to a basic human right I have some more for Gavin in his role to transform San Fransisco into a Workers paradise.

  1. Free Ice Cream: Every man woman and child cannot live as a human being without a quart of ice cream
  2. A free car: I mean lets face it... we need to go places.
  3. free housing: Who can afford to live in San Fransisco.. nobody
  4. Plasma Screen TV: I mean honestly how can we have a TV with lower image resolution then the brutal capitalist oppressors?
  5. Free Premium Cable Channels: I mean we got the free plasma screen tv
  6. Free Hot Tubs: I mean honestly when we work so hard to build the worker's utopia we need that.
  7. Free Beer: Does anyone need that one explained?
  8. Free Paris Hilton: I am sure Paris would do her part for the worker's paradise... and by video taping it we can help pay for this utopia
  9. Free Health care: See #8
  10. Mayor for the Day: By rotating out being mayor we can all improve your worker's paradise mayor gavin
Hey kids join in on giving a top ten list for the future People's Republic of San Fransisco

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