Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ok guys... Its simple

The Big names in the Center-Right ( and I still wouldn't throw sully out of the tribe entirely yet) Andrew Sullivan and Gaypatriot both have put some focus on the killing of homosexuals in Iran. We also see it covered on another good gay center-right type gay orbit other gay right wing voices like malcontent
and the petrelis files are on the case ( and here they go into the inner sanctum of the problem)

a Question keeps getting asked ( one i covered once before) where are the gay rights groups in this country on this issue? We see that the groups in london while better in getting people out to the streets aren't really giving this issue the kind of coverage it deserves.

The answer is pretty simple. And I think these people all in their heart know the answer to their question. The problem is they don't want to say the words.

Identity politic groups are all about power. While they may have done some good at some point in time (NAACP) they always end up becoming an issue of power. You could make the case very well that today a joint gay and big buisness effort could have been worked out to push issues like marriage into the public eye but wasn't. And it wasn't because aggitating the issue makes the masses happier then actually solving the problem. The masses are angry and that anger isn't served by finding solutions. This is the same logic behind the utter moonbattery we see in the major anti-war protests or in the off the deep end religous conservative protests.

There is also the issue of money and power. Money not so much to my knowledge in the gay groups ( If a gay jesse jackson type exists then he has money issues) but their is an issue of power. Just think about knowing that Senators, Governors, congressmen, and some times presidents would come to -you- would work to try to get you to carry their bags to your groups of people. Power is a very addicting force in this world.

The reason gays aren't out in the streets about the brutality of the muslim world goes for women's groups to. ( and with the number of second class black citizens we should be seeing Al and Jesse out their marching to) The reason is it benifits Republicans.

we have all known for years that Black Republicans aren't considered Black anymore, but the same phenomina applies to any other minority according to their pressure groups. Your identity is more important as a -political- identity to fight your oppression. It is nothing but pure marxist thinking in action.

If the gay rights groups, and the womens groups, and all the other groups who have people of the same identity suffering out there marched about it they would have to ask for something to be done.

We've seen that sanctions won't work so that implies the need to use force. And that use of force goes against their politicial vision of their "oppressed people" and supports the evil white male hetrosexual oppressors...I.E the Republicans.

While these groups say they are for things that are good for gay people, the truth is they only support things that are good for gay people if far left political canidates win. And if those left leaning or leftist canidates win then they can oppress gays to because the political identity is more important then helping gay people.

Thats why Gay groups kept carrying bags for Clinton
Thats why gay groups carried bags for Kerry.
Thats why gay groups will carry bags for the next democratic canidate for President.

It comes down to the fact they really could care less about making the lives of homosexuals in this or any other country better.

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