Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canada is now closer to being a free country

Will the Horrific corruption of the LP be stopped?
Will the government of canada stop george bush from waring on aliens?

Seriously after the scandals that have come to this point Martin should have ran on a weakened but relatively strong position. His party doesn't deserve to win and you folks in canada deserve to have your heads examined if you re-elect them

Opposition leaders forced the no-confidence vote last week after the prime minister rejected their demand to dissolve parliament and hold new elections early next year. The opposition was hoping to make political gains from highly publicized corruption scandals involving leaders of the Liberal Party. Even though the prime minister was absolved of wrongdoing, the public's sentiment against the government is running high.

Prime Minister Martin was upbeat after the vote, saying he will campaign in the next election on the strong Canadian economy.

"Today in Canada inflation is low. Interest rates are low. It's easier to buy a home. It's easier to get a

job. And that is the result of the hard work and the good management of a Liberal government," Mr. Martin said.

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