Wednesday, November 30, 2005

David Duke....

David Duke is a Nazi scumbag, a criminal... And reveals one of the fun little secrets.

Middle Eastern Extremists are allies of the Nazi's ( thanks for the tip LGF)
Let me first wet your mouths for the story with this headline

Dr. David Duke Improves American Image in Arab World

Right there... doesn't that just make you feel ill?

Dr. Habash, one of the major leaders in the Syrian Parliament said,

“Dr. David Duke’s wonderful visit has given us a new and very positive view of the average American. Syria has never in anyway harmed the American people. Israel has committed terrorist attacks against America both in the Lavon Incident and the attack on the American Ship the Liberty when 34 Americans were killed and 173 Americans scarred and burned in a terrorist attack by Israel. Syria has never spied on America or harmed America as did Israeli government spy Jonathan Pollard. It is Israel that is America’s real enemy as Parliamentarian David Duke has proven.”

David Duke... Average American.

This is what the folks in the Syrian government think.

So... again put that into your mental roladex when you hear about abuses in lebanon or terrorist groups sponsored in Syria. Think about the mentality of its government.

he Grand Mufti of Syria, the respected and preeminent Syrian religious leader, welcomed Dr. David Duke and thanked him for bringing Syria the true feelings of the American people. He said,

“The Iraq War has resulted in the harming of many thousands of Iraqis but also thousands of American dead and many thousands American hurt. For what is this war but as Dr. Duke shown, a war for Israel in which both Arabs and Americans have been harmed? Thank you, Dr. Duke for your courage in bringing us this message and his message of peace and friendship. My God’s peace and love be upon both our peoples.”

Islamic extremists not just Islamic Fascists love David Duke to.

Lets see some more love.

A professor of history at Damascus State University commented,

‘The Zionists now lie about Dr. David Duke and label White supremacist. The truth is that as Dr. Duke has shown in his book, Jewish Supremacism, that Israel is the most extreme example of racist supremacy on earth.”

“We researched Dr. Duke’s writings some of which go back now over 30 years. We found that he wants to preserve his European heritage and traditions just as we Arab Muslims seek the same for our own countries. We respect him for that as he respects us.”

“A supremacist wants to control other peoples. That is exactly what the Zionists want, to control other peoples, the Middle East, the world. Jewish extremists always accuse everyone else of their own faults. For over 30 years Dr. Duke has consistently defended Palestinians and Arabs in general from Zionist attacks. We are honored to have him visit us in Syria.”

She David is just burning that cross on your lawn because he wants to respect you.

Doesn't that feel better?

You see I just don't feel like illustrating this absurdity anymore... but it is so self evident that it is ok to just let it stand on its own

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