Monday, November 28, 2005

I clicked on "The Daily Torture"

By Andrew Sullivan and I saw more of his meandering about US torture and I wondered if some one ever addressed the following point to him or the other "Organized Torture" people. This is all based on my understanding of the military rules

  1. Torture is already quite clearly illegal under the uniform code
  2. You have no obligation to follow an illegal order
  3. you -do- have an obligation to disobey an illegal order
  4. you cannot be courtmartialed if you have a reasonable case that the order was illegal ( and its pretty clear torture is illegal)
So for the Torture all the time folks.... What they are really saying is everyone in the US Military from the top to the bottom are all violating the law.

from the DOD to the grunt on the line who does the torture are all knowingly breaking the law.

I am sorry but thats not right. Some one would have stood up... and that would have stopped the chain. I can't believe not a single person in the chain of command from top to bottom didn't refuse a clearly illegal order. It defies logic

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