Friday, November 18, 2005

Here I fall Alice

Flawed policy wrapped in delusion or is it illusion?
Avoidance and misdirection… this has become the Democrats policy on Iraq. I am re-listening to the Murrah point and again we hear the same tired point about how “you never served”

He lies about Abu Ghraib and about the fact this was an official group as opposed to the reality that these folks were a unofficial group that did far more then torture and showed they were utterly deranged…He has followed the path of Demagoguery that the Democratic party is playing from in the war.. and he says as some one who serves, yet slanders troops he some how has a moral superiority to speak?

Let’s forget the fact that not every American will ever have the chance to serve in combat. So then are women un-allowed to speak? How about homosexuals? Let’s forget the undemocratic nature of the assertion he avoided the question.

The Democrats have buyer’s remorse. Democrats were afraid of the political fallout from this war. They had the same intelligence they did in the 98 … they had a much more raw form of the intelligence then the President did.

The intelligence was wrong… By no standard from multiple investigators on either side of the Atlantic was any trickery brought on the intelligence.

If they could admit “the war was wrong but I voted for it out of political opportunism” or “I didn’t want to pay a price this high” at least then we could have an honest Debate on the war and on the policy. But instead we hear “lies” and “mislead” and “deceived” out of the Democratic leaders.

Here on my TV now this reality of Abu Ghraib twisted and manipulated and a man saying “my authority is beyond appeal.” And I am sickened that this is a man who uses the red stains on his toga veralis to allow such lies to be given legitimacy.

He is a partisan hack… The Democratic Party is not engaging in an honest debate and calling the other side “Liar~!” is this real? Am I living in some kind of illusionary reality?

I tell you…. I could almost vote for Katherine Harris… I could almost make myself do it as the Democrats are showing themselves right now so utterly unworthy of casting a single vote on my behalf or in my name.

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