Friday, November 25, 2005

Dear Sully

Since Sully Is confused I decided to help him out

Bush administration documents, dated September 21, 2001, reveal that the CIA refuted any past or present connection between al Qaeda and Saddam in the wake of 9/11. The administration did not and will not release these documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Why not?

#1) It depends on which activities we are refering to... and thats based on a theory.

Secular islamic states work with religously fundementalist terrorist groups all the time just take a look at syria. So the theory used to dismiss some of the contacts. And these are also the guys who got tons of things wrong before the infamous WMD issue.

#2) Their are more leaks out of the senate committee then out of the CIA

So *IF* their is an active operation right now where peoples lives could be in jeopardy he is trying to minimize the potential of leaks.

Answering these questions in a -reasonable- way aint hard

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