Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The french government disconnect

A wonderful example of the French disconnect from reality. A DeVillpen interview
"I'm not sure you can call them riots. It's very different from the situation you have
known in 1992 in LA for example," the prime minister said in the English-language interview. "In France during the two-week period of unrest, nobody died. So I think you can't compare this social unrest with any kind of riots."

Actually Villpy two people died. One person was beaten to death, and one died of complications from injuries
The violence resulted in more than 9,000 cars being burned and more than 100 public buildings set alight. But Villepin stressed that "there were no guns in the streets."

Hmm wonder why the police Union said they were recieving fire?

"There is no ethnic or religious basis to this movement, as we see in other parts of the world," he insisted.

guess we know who writes Villpy's speeches

"Very often you have people coming from the second generation of immigration, they don't know their country of origin. They don't have the same link with France as their parents who chose to come and work here.

So people who suffered the French colonial yolk and might have real grievences have a connection to france

and people educated in the french state, born there, raised there and getting welfare there don't.

No... this is not suspicious reasoning at all.

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