Friday, November 18, 2005

Uncle Wally

I don't like the buisness model of Wal-Mart but right now I am poor and I use the buisness model of Walmart to benifit myself.

If I had more disposable cash I'd not shop at Wal-mart or sams.. but thats not in the cards.

So I look at the news that a second Wal-Mart sub contractor gets busted for hiring illegals and I call shenanigins.

Wal-Mart spokesman Marty Heires said the company would cooperate fully with federal authorities.
"We have written contracts with these subcontractors requiring that they follow all applicable local, state and federal employment laws," he said in a statement.

Bihzull Shiznit.

I own a factory and I deal with Wal-Mart I have a contract which forces me to have Wal-Mart ten feet up my colon.

Wal-Mart can dictate to me changes I need to make to my buisness model or I'll be dropped like a bad habit.

Wal-Mart deals with suppliers who are rumored to ( as the PRC doesn't seem apt to want to investigate) using intellictual property of others without compensation to make products sold in Wal-Mart.

So to say Wal-Mart doesn't do that to construction subcontractors is frankly absurd. To say that Wal-Mart's constant quest to get it done cheaper they will take an illegal route if that illegality with fines is cheaper then doing it the right ( and dare I say LEGAL) way.

In New Jersey as I pointed out they are making some changes by making the punishment an actual penalty to the crime.Its a shame the federal government doesn't do that.

Thats the only way I think at this point to curb some of the illegalities in Walmart....

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