Sunday, November 27, 2005

Over at the Medienkritik

We see more of the "All Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal then others" mentality of the Anti-Americanist forces in europe and the Anti-Bush voices in general.

Here is what to the Anti-Americanist/Anti-Bushists is "bad" Translated from Babelfish

Stone Meier announced that with its start attendance in the USA the reports will be over secret CIA Gefangenentransporte with intermediate stop in Germany a topic. "there the topic also a topic of the discussion relating to domestic affairs in the USA is, can I that not exclude", did not say stone Meier on Saturday in Berlin. It expects a statement of the USA, for which the European Union asked. "what is to be read, would indeed give cause for concern", quoted the "picture on Sunday" the SPD politician.

Also law minister Brigitte Zypries had explained her in the Second Channel of German Television, hopes for a statement from the USA. The pool of broadcasting corporations reported, at least a German security authority had had knowledge of the prisoner transportation of the CIA of Germany. The pool of broadcasting corporations called no details and appointed themselves to information of their Hauptstadtstudios. The Federal Constitution protection did not want to express itself to the topic, the Federal Information Service was not attainable for a statement first.

The Federal Criminal Investigation Office explained, it had had no knowledge from such incidents. Several media had reported, airplanes of the CIA between 2002 and 2004 more than 80 times in Germany had landed. Main spider thereby the US military airports were in Frankfurt and RAM stone. The CIA also used the German airports, in order to bring illegitimately Islamics imprisoned held to verhoeren abroad, where they were possibly tortured. The Council of Europe and the European Court of Justice already introduced investigations.

But this and this are ok.

At "best" two of the techniques used in the "alleged" Black Prison system fit any reasonable qualification as torture.

Yet it is permissible to deal extensively with not one but two regimes who have either committed genocide (sudan) or worked very hard on genocide and democide fronts (Iraq). When you pull an amnesty international and say the US is the worst of all and you benifit from virtual slave labor in China (as some germany companies do.. and Americans to) then you lose your moral clarrity. You are then clearly only taking moral offense at those things which you find politically disagreable, not actually -wrong-

It makes your legitimate concerns about possible violations of the US government which you may -legitimately- be concerned about as nothing more then trying to advance your national/political intrest over the wellbeing and good of the country.

Dictatorships are proving that the Economic Liberal position is a farce ( which I think disproves the utopianistic ideas of Economic Liberalism) managed economies do succumb to outside pressures but as planned economies are becoming more and more integrated into the global economy they gain an ability to pull in a signifigant amount of foriegn capital with a prohibatively high moral hazard because quite simply they are evil dictators and can do it.

I feel guilty when I buy chinesse and other dictatorially made products at the marketplace but when "free" commerce isn't remotely competative for my dollar I have no ability to fight my own self intrests.

And thats why we are in the mess we are in. And its why we need the economic powers of this world to come up and draw a line of demarcation of what is acceptible and what isn't. then you have economic pressure to drive real reforms... not a lack of reform to benifit the greedy and short sited generation of buisnessmen who are far from capitalists we have today

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