Thursday, November 17, 2005

Old post response II

Going after Henry again ( hey I’d have posted this earlier if you track backed)

Sometime, though, leaks are necessary. Especially when our government is doing things which are not good. The leak of the Pentagon papers was a good thing. The fact that the US is operating what appears to be illegal detention centers is also a good thing.
Now, someone might argue that both leaks are harmful, and they are free to do so. However, even then, a breach of security simply to silence dissent, and a breach to expose inappropriate dealings by our government are oceans apart.

What would be great is if Henry read my point
Now, by going after a story about a leak the media has now slit their collective throats as any leak containing sensative information will soon be tight lipped. This time it isn't a president that kills off deep throat but the media themselves.
I have no problem with leaks because unfortunately they are a bi-product in a free society. But if you think the Plame case where no one was hurt (due to her exposure by actual leaks to foreign intelligence agencies) vs. a case where US personnel are in danger –is- different.
But my concern is the fact the media and the democrats by doing this prevent any leaks of *REAL* problems in the government. In other words real problems now won’t be leaked because of some people’s chasing after the Plame case.

They ruined the need for good public leaks for everyone.

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