Monday, November 21, 2005

Sharon will fail

I think Arik picked a bad play here. He went to see one of the Rebbi's and was told if he would be a political leader in Israel it would lead to nothing but blood.

What this comes down is to a war of the young turks... two factions were forming in Likud one under former prime minister Netanyahu, and one under up and comer ( and non-fmr. prime minister) Ehud Olmert.

The problem is Ehud is no more of a peacenik then Bibi... which means this breaks down over something much more important then the Palestinian situation... and that something is socialism.

In the end the Israeli's will always be under the gun of the EU and the US for aid and financial support due to the strong state base of their economy. The Bibi wing of Likud was for more capitalism which was a major problem inside Likud circles.

The rump end which was more moderate and status quoa leaning will try to draw off some of the more conservative elements of labor in hope to form a real party. So in the end it is about socialism, not about peace

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