Thursday, November 17, 2005

Old post response I

Plugging around Truth Laid Bear I found this site which had taken some issues with some of my posts. So… had this guy tracked them back I could have had a nice current post exchange going but instead we need to turn on the way back machine.

My original comments are in bold Henry’s words are in Italics and my current words are in normal text

I’m not sure what Larry is doing in this post.

Well what I was doing was dealing with a multiple series of stupid political thoughts that all came together with the vote on ANWR by the house which several other right of center and left of center bloggers were talking about.

After the defeat ( again) of ANWR drilling I'd like to hear all those on the left who complain about having no power to please be silent. Once again with those people who don't toe the party line in the house you proved you have the power.

So, the left is in power? So the GOP is so weak members are easily conned by the left into voting a certain way. Or, maybe, drilling in the ANWR (at least, at this point) is a bad enough idea that it’s not just those on the ‘left’ who are against it.

My point here was that the far-left and the leadership of the house democrats say “We can’t do anything.” But the fact with the ANWR vote and now two separate budget votes they –have- gotten what they wanted accomplished. Instead of selling a message of political impotence the leftist leadership promotes they should try to –make- an actual agenda happen.

And when it comes to big spending while you like to blame the GOPerS you know darn good and well more of your team votes for the out of control spending then ours does.

Ummm, the GOP controls the house, senate, and Whitehouse. I’m not sure how it’s still the ‘liberals’ who are responsible for out of control spending. Oh wait, that’s right,. We’re able to bend the will of the GOP, which means you can kiss those tax cuts goodbye.

Large group of Pro-spending democrats + slightly smaller group of Pro-spending republicans + President who refuses to veto anything = Budget mess.

Not sure that is a problem.
The point is Dean and many other national Democratic figures are trying to sell their party as the party of Fiscal discipline… but they haven’t acted any better then the republican leadership. Only turks outside the leadership have made any major effort to actually –get- spending under control.

We have more barrels of oil coming in to this country then we have the capacity to refine.
If we increase the amount of oil we get we STILL won't increase the amount of usable product we get. So as much fun as drilling and using more domestic US oil capacity can be.... their is another important part of the capacity.
Before we pop the cork off in Alaska lets make sure we actually can USE the oil first and more importantly that we need it.
He snipped out my going into specifics about the lack of refinery capacity to deal with ANWR or other US domestic petroleum reserves.
Wait, so not drilling is a good thing? Then why start off pointing out how the ‘left’ has power, instead of acknowledging the GOP for doing the right thing?
Conservatives are so hard to understand...
Because instead of saying “lets get more refinery capacity so we can make oil prices lower” these Republicans said “lets not get more refinery capacity and not drill for more oil.” It’s called –Philosophy-. As I said I pointed out the power of the democratic leadership to point out their inability to deal with the realities of power, and I pointed out the republican leaders were wrong for the wrong reasons.
Henry wasn’t able to understand because it was a nuanced opinion of things.

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