Monday, November 21, 2005

DISINFORMATION-on book notes-

Now I haven't bought the book yet....

(and I'll need to figure how to afford it)

The author brought up some intresting facts about the war in Iraq that makes me go "Hmmmmm"

We all know that Able Danger has put serious doubts on the Prauge Incident as explained by the American government, is pretty suspicous but we now have a new situation about the Iraqi survey group.

He claims to have drawn this information from interviewing folks who were in the Iraq survey group (and I'll repeat I haven't read the book yet so I can't attest to much to what he said) That the Iraq survey group rarely left the green zone in Baghdad and had nothing resembling the translating resources required to do an effective job.

Translators needed to be fluent both in written and spoken Iraqi dialect of Arabic *( which is even more diverse then that) * which takes a small pool of US arabic translators and reduces it to a substantially smaller group. And then to require a serious amount of education in a scientific discipline... that makes finding the answers almost impossible.

And from working in a government agency I do have an idea about how "buck passing" works out. So my question here becomes a serious one We don't know if Osama was connected to 9-11 ( and we don't know if he was not connected) and we don't have any evidence that Saddam didn't ditch his WMD ( or if they are still hidden somewhere in Iraq)

then what the heck do we know about the war?

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