Saturday, November 19, 2005

Some should ask Madonna about some things

And not just looking like a 80 year old prostitute.

Much as scientology is a kreepy Kult Madge should answer something about hers.

Berg, a former insurance salesman from Brooklyn, changed his name from Feivel Gruberger and left his first wife and seven children to become the spiritual leader and pyramid head of the Kabbalah business. Berg, who refers to himself as Dr., enjoys a millionaire’s lifestyle in Los Angeles. He and his current wife, Karen, set up their first center in Tel Aviv, and created a worldwide empire.

Vivienne Marco, wife of the deceased Binyamin Marco, former head of the Center, echoed Shtiglitz’s analysis. “I was head of accounting at that place many years ago,” she said. “And always, but always, there were echelons. Everyone, including myself, wanted to be close to Rabbi Berg. He was like a god for me. I shook when I was next to him. I worked for free for years, and when they wanted to change my position, I insisted on staying."

and This to
The people in the center immediately caught on that I was weak. They constantly drummed in the message that only the Center could bring the light and the messiah. The lecturers said that psychologists were not okay. All the rabbis were crap. Only rabbi Berg could do it. They told me I should buy recordings of the lectures. I sat with the disc and listened until it penetrated me - the words, what they were saying. In short, it was brainwashing.”

A year after arriving at the Center, he joined the ‘inner circle’ and slept with eight of them in a one room apartment in central Tel Aviv, on blowup mattresses placed on a highly crowded floor.

“They called me and suggested I come only for three days, to see how it is. I knew it was considered the best to be with the inner circle. So I agreed to come. And those three days turned into a week and a half, which turned into a few months.”

they have a part I and Part II to this series go see the latest evil money stealers that use celebrities to dupe the masses.

as the part II article details

The names of many celebrities are indeed linked to the Tel Aviv Center. For instance, the visit of Madonna and Rosanne Bar, as well as Israeli celebrities Adam, Orna Banai, and Orna Fitosi, and (actor) Zvulun Moshiashvili.

“I was a member of the Center until four years ago, and I left to study Hassidism,” says Zvulon.

“I felt like I was turning into Harry Potter there. I learned how to be a magician. There is a very special place there, with powerful energy, so that on Shabbat everyone comes in white," he says.

check it out

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