Friday, November 18, 2005

More Airline security stupidity

Air Line security is stupid... doesn't really do anything that would have stopped terrorists, let alone doing anything to stop new and inventive terrorist attacks.

The Lie detector; something which has failed to detect every single Spy for a foriegn power in the CIA and FBI

What is better then one stupid government Idea, why combine two of them.

The software will almost always pick up uncontrollable tremors in the voice that give away liars or those with something to hide, say its designers at Israeli firm Nemesysco.

"In our trial, 500 passengers went through the test, and then each was subjected to full traditional searches," said Chief Executive Officer Amir Liberman. "The one person found to be planning something illegal was the one who failed our test."

yet some one who is sociopathic and feels his cause is just will make it through just fine

good job fella's I am sure the Fascists at thte TSA will order 10 for every airport in America to further dehumanize people

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