Friday, November 18, 2005

CSPAN makes me ill right now.

A horrific farce is on TV right now on CSPAN. The House leadership is giving the democrats an up or down rush in vote on withdrawing the troops from Iraq effective immediately. It was one thing when an utter Kook who is viewed as a laughing stock by most sane folks in this country like Charley Rangel with his farce of a vote on a draft now has brought some degree of legitimacy to those kind of tactics.

A debate that has been lacking in any substance or purpose. I feel that as a taxpayer we should return dueling, Cannings, spitunes, and fights like the legislatures in asia to at least make this worth my money.

They are trying to force in this on a straight up or down vote when Nancy Pelosi has herself put up legislation in her entire career to disarm the US military... their attempt to try to be pro-troop while putting orweilian attempts to strip power from the military makes me rather ill.

Talk of lies, misleading, culture of corruption only lacked "we can do better" to make this festival of democratic quotes truely drinking game worthy. And the republicans using veiled and in some cases unveiled refrences to the democrats manhood ( and that applies to the women two)

The democrats who with a handful of republicans this last month beat back the President's agenda and claimed "their is no oversight of this war"

Yes their is... And even if your absurd notion is true with a rank party discipline and pulling a handfull of republican votes you can get what you want done. So it is quite obvious you care much more to dance for DailyKos, Moveon,org, George Soros, et. al.

If they cared about oversighted they would have fought and horsetraded with the republicans and got real oversight hearings. They don't care but we are in a period right now in our society where it is more important to -appear- to care then to actually care.

after looking at this vote I advocate a new policy

We have a fresh election for 535 members of our national legislature and fire the lot of them.

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