Saturday, November 19, 2005

Withdrawl MANIA wrap up

Now with something which passes for sleep and being out of the thick of the events lets talk with more sober and cooler heads about Withdrawlmania.

The Provisional Iraqi government has been talking about a Withdrawl starting after the first full parliamentary elections.
The US Military said it could start some time In January or febuary.... March at the latest. The reality is troops were going to be gradually tuned down.

Then a little thing like Hurricane Katrina happened and the President's aura of kick-arse was reduced and people begin to fault washington for everything ( even stuff that wasn't their fault)

Into this enviroment we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pull stunts along the "Bush Lied" Meme. In the senate first, and then in the house proposal to withdraw troops came out. Representative Murtha as a trusted military aide to Nancy Pelosi was acting as a political agent. And with his connection to the pentagon... those elements that are there forever he would have known plans for troop reductions were making their way up the pipe. He was pulling a stunt.

Listen to his repeating his speech and some of the shrill talking points of the democrats during his floor speech and you see the scripting of partisan hackery.

Not to be outdone the Republicans gave the Democrats a chance up or down to vote the Kossak-DU-Moveon platform on Iraq. The Democrats didn't play this out politically... instead they in a almost drinking game like fashion said every party and left wing group buzz word about the war in Iraq. They did this without actually talking -about- the war.

The Republicans thumped their chests and made vauge implications ( and some not so vauge) about the spines and colors of them about the Democrats.

A game deserved a game... it deserved a massive PRESENT vote. Only 6 Democrats were smart enough to do that.

Of the 3 nays were the creme de la creme of the moonbat fringe.

We didn't have a real debate on Iraq we had ego's petted and people talking about how great the other guys service was while hiding the dripping dagger in their cloak.

All of it was a show folks, a show that in the end ment nothing.

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