Sunday, November 27, 2005

No.. not politicizing the war

Not Democrats from the bay state never

Mass. Democrats Emerge As Iraq War Critics

Three years ago, Massachusetts Reps. Martin Meehan, Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey bucked their state Democratic colleagues and cast votes to give President Bush a green light to go to war in Iraq.

Since then, the three have renounced their votes and emerged as critics of the way Bush has handled the war. ...

"The war was based on the false premise that Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons program," said Markey, who accused the administration of "manipulating facts."

Again they can't even say they oppose the war without making it an attack on the administration. It has come out that the House and Senate Intelligence committee members had -more- intelligence in a -more- raw form then the president did. But saying "He lied, thats why I went against you" is mortgaging the lives of our soldiers for their own political gain.

Just the opening thesis (not his later thesis) of Murtha's is the best way to do it.
"The longer we stay the worse things will get because we are the target there"

It is faulty reasoning but its better

Or even

"I support a war done in a way that makes the sacrifices of our soldiers and sailors meaningful, and that is not this war"

but instead they have to present themselves as blind and impotent to oppose the war.

and then say the pro-war folks aren't discussing it in a meaningful way

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