Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Child Abduction Is Not Funny,"

Lets turn the way Back machine to a particular episode of South Park to set up a horrifically stupid news story. (this is from Reading Online)

When South Park parents hear another newscast about child abductions explaining that instead of being taken by strangers, most children are taken by someone their family knows, they fit their children with unwieldy child abduction notification helmets.

Still another newscast informs the South Park parents that, instead of children being taken by strangers or by someone their family knows, most abductions occur at the hands of a family member. Throwing each other suspicious glances, for a short time South Park mothers and fathers refuse to leave their children's sides. They finally realize that their children will be in danger if they remain in their presence and would fare better alone out in the world. With a few belongings on their backs, the children are cast out of their homes.

When the children walk beyond the nearly completed wall around South Park, they encounter the band of invading Mongolians. The Mongolians take the children in, provide them with food and warmth, and see that they make it through the night. The following day the Mongolians succeed in blowing up the wall.

Upon hearing the noise of the explosion (which leaves the Chinese restaurateur muttering repeated deleted expletives in pidgin English), South Park parents come running and discover that the wall has been blown down and that, to their horror, their children have become Mongolians. The children explain that the Mongolians took them in when their parents cast them out, and this should make the Mongolians heroes. Hearing this, the parents experience an epiphany and realize that the true heroes are their children. It is their children, they realize, who make them see that you can't wall off the rest of the world. Walls only make things worse. Tearing them down brings people together.

And now I bring you to a news Story that shows the most creative fiction to describe the thinking of the folks from a small mountain town is sadly to realistic.

In Kiwi Land a man was told to move his seat cause he was sitting next to an unaccompanied child

so lets here some of his story.

Worsley said someone asked him after the event why he had not simply refused to move. "But these days you can't really do that. With [fears of] terrorism, if you cause any fuss on the plane you're out walking."

"Most males in the world, I'm sure, are perfectly law-abiding, good parents, good fathers, brothers, whatever," he said. "They're basically accusing half the population of the world of being a potential pedophile."

Worsley had been traveling on a flight operated by Qantas, the Australian national carrier. Both Qantas and Air New Zealand have now confirmed that they would not seat a child traveling alone next to an adult male passenger.

So right there the Anti_Terror laws ( which don't stop terrorists) force people to obey B-S rules and restrictions for fear they will get arested.

And yet the same logic which they could use to screen potential terrorists ( I.E folks from the middle east ,Sri Lanka, or leftist radicals on flights going near cuba) they instead go to the second most open target ( fat people being the first)

Thats right -MEN-

and Sadly the political correctness leads to stupidity like this

The airlines did win support from one quarter. Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro, a government appointee, commended Qantas and Air New Zealand for their efforts to keep child passengers safe.

Kiro said she doubted the policy was meant as a slur against men.

But her intervention drew a strong response from the Men's Coalition, whose spokesman Kerry Bevin said Tuesday the commissioner was not fit for her post and should resign.

"Kiro is telling our children that men are dangerous to children," Bevin charged. He also called for the airlines to make a public apology.

Something that sadly even South Park could have predicted

and this is not funny at all.

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