Friday, November 18, 2005

"Your kids won't be fighting over there..."

Less then 1% of the american population is in the US military

Lets say .1% of the population is in the active armed services right now.

we have 435 members of congres

435 X .001 =.435 i.e less then one member of congress would be representative of congressmen as a member of the US population.

So if just a single member of congress has a child in the war then the members of congress are -more likely- to have children in the war then the general public.

and thats assuming that you are counting the population in Iraq as the full military population.

The larges plurality of our servicemen and women are in Iraq right now...if not an outright majority ( and this doesn't factor in nationaguardmen and women either).

Lets not repeat that bogus myth folks....

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