Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One of these people is important... one thinks he is important

One of these people has a position of power, one used to. If you are for the war or are against it I want you to listen to the words of these folks and see which side sounds more credible.

Is it this one?

(I have obfuscated the name to make this game more fun)

"You have to question ... the president on a lot of decisions he's made," ********* said. "He might just think launching those weapons would be a good thing to do. ... He thought Iraq was."

********** said war is an outdated form of diplomacy that has stopped working.

First of all, about war being an outdated form of diplomacy that doesn't work... I think we should ask Slobo about that. Or how about all the Bosnians who aren't being killed genocidally. I wonder if they would agree.

and now the second one

"We do have a strategy," he said. "We do have a plan. I saw a strategy that's being implemented."

Ok lets do this again back to the first one

"That's what's going to be on top in the future," he said.

Things are becoming increasingly globalized, he said, and if humanity is going to survive, its members are going to have to work together.

"We are going to survive together, or we are going to perish together," he said.

and back to the second one.

"Most exciting is the political stuff. ... There is a campaign going on there for the Dec. 15 National Assembly elections and there are a lot of independent television stations and newspapers covering it."

The first one is Ted Turner... a crank billionare who used to have power, but sold his power.

The second is Joe Lieberman

I wonder which makes their point of view look better.

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