Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Slippery Slope Slips again

Those of us who aren't keen on gay marriage point out ( and often get bashed) for the "slippery slope" theory of life. And just like the polygamy in the Netherlands we keep seeing a slip slip slip

While the bill would keep bestiality technically illegal, it gives the option of less severe penalties. Previously, those convicted of "a sexual act on an animal" could receive up to 20 years in prison.

Explains the local weekly: "The new measure would give activist judges the option of slapping perps with a mere two and a half years in plush local jails, or even letting zoophiliacs walk with a $5,000 fine."

It -LOOKS LIKE- from reading the bill this is an effort to reduce criminal acts of sodomy. This however means people could in theory boink a bunch of chickens and the judge could give him no jail time and a fine.

Its the next chink in the armor of society that translates sexual mores into law.

Now hopefully some one can explain to me why raping an animal isn't a serious crime I'd like to know.

Now -admitedly- this IS a worldnetdaily story so they may be omitting key information.... but i think this is a rush to decriminialize all sodomy and is frankly to much sensativity and tolerance.

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