Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Al Parisi Intifada

The Al-Parisi Intifada is continuing and Instead of recounting the various news stories I want to recount some things in the Al-Parisi Intifada that have struck me.

Like how this relates to US gun control

The town had previously escaped the violence, the worst rioting in at least a decade in France. Some residents demanded that the army be deployed, or that citizens band together to protect their neighborhoods. At the school gate, Mayor Alain Outreman tried to calm tempers.
"We are not going to start militias," he said. "You would have to be everywhere."

We know in New Orleans and in L.A this was simply a fact of life. In civil disorder no one attacks the guy who is armed. And as we well know the state has no obligations to protect your life whatsoever. Didn’t Hitler go first for the guns?  Didn’t the communists strip people of guns? Isn’t it clear to people yet that when you vacate your ability to defend yourself, your family, and your property you will have all three of those things threatened?

And AFP has a gift for understatement with this headline.
US warns citizens on travel to Paris during riots

And also as frightening from the US embassy

"Although the riots have occurred in areas not normally frequented by US tourists, travelers should be aware that train travel from the Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city center may be disrupted at times, as it passes near the affected area. Travelers could rely instead on airport buses or taxis to downtown Paris," it said.

The Intifada continues…. Will it get worse?

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