Tuesday, November 08, 2005

All leaks are equal, some are more equal then others

Al-Drudge with the obvious sneak peak

Sources tell Drudge that early this afternoon House Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Frist will announce a bicameral investigation into the leak of classified information to the WASHINGTON POST regarding the “black sites” where high value al Qaeda terrorists are being held and interrogated.

Ok folks. So we now get to watch the people who talk about how revealing Valerie Plame's name "damaged" our national security now defend the new leaks from principled whistle blowers.

Now, by going after a story about a leak the media has now slit their collective throats as any leak containing sensative information will soon be tight lipped. This time it isn't a president that kills off deep throat but the media themselves.

Whats worse is if some one in the Department of Energy has sensative information about something that is a real danger to people's lives but is "legal". The media can't expose it. If a confidential communication points to the fact key facts ( like saudi nationals being real intrested in flight school) gets ignored the media can't sound the alarm.

In short with a single shot the media has slain its ability to be the 4th estate. And the media has made leaks become more political.


And Sully has this particular charge

THEY STILL DON'T GET IT: Secret CIA prisons are now licensed to torture detainees in former Soviet camps in Eastern Europe. And Frist and Hastert are more concerned about punishing the leak than stopping the torture? It's good to know they have their moral priorities straight, isn't it?

Isn't it great how sully automatically assumes their is systematic torture there folks?

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