Thursday, November 03, 2005

Europe Burns

Ok folks the hot story in the world of the Blog is the French Riots. And over on Dean’s World Dean puts out a theory from another blogger I will be linking to soon named Vlad of InfoVlad  (which Dean got from a site named Exit Zero which I will also be linking to)

This dovetails in nicely with the words of the French Interior Minister as posted over at Al-Drudge

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that the riots in several Paris suburbs over the previous night were "not spontaneous" but rather "well organized.""What we saw in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis overnight was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organized. We are looking into by whom and how," Sarkozy told French news channel i-tele.

Ok I want to take a step back now. Blogs recycle what we see in the media, and if the media gets it real wrong we can get it even worse.

And as we saw with Katrina if the government even gets it real wrong the media will get it even worse.

Ok let’s take a second step back. Patterns of organization don’t imply that this is a European theater in the new level of the war on terror (though to me this seems much more the next step kind of action that Al-Qaeda has talked about… but more on that later) It could be that after the first day or so of riots other people got together for a piece of the riot pie.

-And the situation in Denmark we know was planned for the last 3 weeks…-

Now… what I am about to say is just me consuming and chewing on a big bit of fat from the whole age of terror.

Al-Qaeda always kicks attacks up a notch. Now the thing about the attacks on 9-11 was it caused a huge disruption to the global economy. It was like the monster gnawing on Yggdrasil. So they don’t want to just blow up small pockets of the forces of Dar Al Harab, they want to strike at the heart.

We’ve heard tales of dirty bombs in major water ways and things that would cause major disruptions to the world economy and I’ll have to admit I bought into this for a while…. But, maybe I was missing the bigger picture

Al-Qaeda isn’t known for wasting resources much and that would be a huge waste of resources.

But suppose we get the same type of folks who know how to recruit people to the fight. People of the kind who know the psychology of recruiting suicide bombers and know how to adapt to a new enviroment. Then let’s say you get those people and apply some tactics of mob psychology. Agitating the right people and building the climate of tension. Then these people get the vanguard of the riot set up and ready... get them trained. As European governments have said their have been all manner of civil disorder with burnings, stoning and various things of that nature. Lets say this was to build the climate and wait for the right match.

The match of tough on crime that we have seen, the eventual awakening of the people of Europe to things like the Van Gogh Killing. A Casus Belli which would support the civil strife of a new kind of intifada, one born outside a land of muslim occupation but in a land with an equally rich cause for grievances.

With a Europe filling this new civil strife with more and more social welfare spending it becomes a Europe less willing to take the fight externally. This Europe, where class and colonial guilt are played upon where Marx and Engel have been second nature to generations of men, the fire is out of the bellies of those who need to fight a new generation of vandals and Visigoths rampaging the old roman world. We then see the economic engines of Europe slow down making the economy of the US slow with it. We then see America isolated from any ally and weak of the very treasure it needs to fight this war.
This is a way they could be taking the fight to us in the streets of Europe. I am not saying they are… in fact I doubt they have some one who thinks in this demented a way… but I’d not be surprised if it turns out I am right

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