Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I skimmed Unhinged but bought Do As I say

I like Michelle Malkin as a blogger and I usually read her page many times a day. I also have impure thoughts about Michelle Malkin and various forms of oils and scented candles. That having been said I highly suggest you don't buy "Unhinged"

We may be seeing big time Bloggers selling books as more of a wave of the future and I look forward to that ( any one who wants to give me a book deal... my phone and email await) but what I think we need to do is say you need to have something "New" If you've read Michelle's blog pretty much everything in the book you've already seen it at least once.

now in DO AS I SAY ( Not as I do) a lot of things we have all seen in one form or another is built upon into a particularly damning critique of the American left ( I'll go into more detail on what I found most striking)

So I'm sorry Michelle... while their is a lot of blogger love-in on her book... It's not something really new to anyone who has read her page in the past

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