Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I was going to wait about the executive session

But this liveblogging post i saw ( Hat tip to Molly on TMV)

This Republican Senate does no oversight… It’s all part of a plan. They obstruct, they take orders from the White House, they do nothing without getting orders from the White House. The Separation of Powers doctrine is something that does not exist in this town.

Well Harry, can I call you Harry... let me explain this.

It's your fault~!

You see you guys have sure as heck done a good job of obstructing the president on all manner of issues. But here is a much better idea

if you do X we won't do Y.

all the filibustering of Judicial nominees ( with the not-filibuster filibuster) may have given your base red meat but if you traded that for actual honest to god oversight hearings you would do something good for the country..... Oh wait Harry, that's what it really is. You care more about the donors and your base of voters then you do about getting something done for this country.You could have traded a lot of votes and support to the President and been like Ev Dirksen a minority leader who the president used when his own party wouldn't carry the water, and got some good done for the country.

You could have traded all the obstruction which is cheered by Moveon.org to the ringing of cash registers, or you could help the American people..... Well moneychanger count your gain. But don't cry to me about no one caring about the American people.

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