Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not a smart cookie....

This guy doesn't get the way the world works. Nor does socialized medicine... You see to me In a Capitalist America this guy's story would equal a huge pay day

Stimpson was tested three times in August 2002 at the Victoria clinic for sexual health in central London and the results showed he was producing HIV antibodies to fight the disease.

Stimpson, originally from Largs in Ayrshire, contracted the virus from his boyfriend, Juan Gomez, 44. He began taking vitamins and other dietary supplements to keep his body healthy in the hopes that this might fend off the development of full-blown Aids.

In October 2003, after impressing doctors with his good health, Stimpson was offered a new test, which came back negative. Further tests in December 2003 and March last year also proved negative.

and here is where the potential payday could be.

The trust said there had been several other cases of claimed “spontaneous clearance” of the virus worldwide, although it is not believed any have been proved. A spokeswoman added that the trust had urged Stimpson to return for tests, but that so far he had not done so.

Ummmmmm dude.... this could be a HUGE profit making thing for that guy. Tests, getting flown to labs all over the world

money and the chance to help cure people.

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