Thursday, November 10, 2005

Obligatory ANWR post

After the defeat ( again) of ANWR drilling I'd like to hear all those on the left who complain about having no power to please be silent. Once again with those people who don't toe the party line in the house you proved you have the power.

And when it comes to big spending while you like to blame the GOPerS you know darn good and well more of your team votes for the out of control spending then ours does.

Now..... Lets review one time

We have more barrels of oil coming in to this country then we have the capacity to refine.

If we increase the amount of oil we get we STILL won't increase the amount of usable product we get. So as much fun as drilling and using more domestic US oil capacity can be.... their is another important part of the capacity.

Now we also have regional fuel blends. about 13 or 14 regions have a specialized blend. One for each season... this in turn takes our already insuffecent Refinery system and makes it considerably worse.

Before we pop the cork off in Alaska lets make sure we actually can USE the oil first and more importantly that we need it.

Now exploration was also cut in the bill.. and thats silly. We can at least find out what is actually there

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