Thursday, November 10, 2005

Only in Canada folks....

An idea not only that is so canadian, but from hippie canada to

Vancouver councillor calls for non-profit brothel
Last updated Nov 10 2005 06:32 PM PST
CBC News
Vancouver's ruling civic party is putting some distance between itself and the comments of one of its candidates.

Tim Louis campaign brochure

Tim Louis campaign brochure
COPE City Councillor Tim Louis told The Vancouver Sun he's in favour of opening a city-owned brothel to help women trapped in the sex trade.

We will help them by ensuring that they do their sex work for the government.... that will sure stop them.

and with the best comment of a canidate for Mayor ever

NPA mayoral candidate Sam Sullivan was shocked by the suggestion. He says that the city needs to work to get women out of the trade and not keep them in it. He told the Canadian Press that he doesn't want to "get in the business of being a pimp."

"Sam Sullivan doesn't want to be a pimp"

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