Sunday, November 06, 2005

San FranFreako is in trouble

It's those Youths again

The proposal comes at a time when San Francisco is confounded by how to stop the rise of gun-related homicides in recent years, particularly among youths. But opposition from gun-owner groups is fierce, and San Francisco is poised again to insert itself in the middle of a contentious national debate.

We see how well that worked for the English and how well the already water tight restrictions have worked for San FranFreako are working.

Adding a timely twist to the debate, those opponents warn that a major earthquake could lead to chaos and anarchy, akin to post-Katrina New Orleans.

``What happens when the police leave town, just like they did in New Orleans?'' asked John Mindermann, a retired San Francisco police officer who keeps a handgun in his home in the low-crime area of West Portal. Only active law enforcement and military personnel would be exempt from the ban.

Yeah just ask the folks in L.A and N.O who had guns to defend their property

But in a city that went lawless against the laws of their state we see that the Fransico S.S.R will work on challenging the laws of their nation.

Hopefully if the voters pass this ( I mean they did vote for Gavin Newsome) the NRA will have it thrown out in court

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