Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tyra Banks: More stupidity

Tyra Banks show... it is becoming like some to brain dead for Jerry Springer clone

but the brain death isn't the guest... no no its the host.

"It seemed like the last form of open discrimination that's OK, and I decided to put on a 350-pound suit myself and live that life for a day and see what happens," the 31-year-old former supermodel told AP Radio in a recent interview. "And it was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life."

Banks said she was shocked at the reaction.

"I started walking down the street and within 10 seconds, a trio of people looked at me, snickered, looked me right in my eye and started pointing and laughing in my face," the talk-show host said. "And I had no idea it was that blatant."

If Tyra is going on about being Captain obvious I think she should have more doctors come in to examin her boobs on live tv no reason

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