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I plugged over to Dean's site and saw this. I had to read the story three times for me to grip the fact this is -apperently- real.

"I was like, 'Donna, I've never done anything wrong,'" Ogborn said. "I could never steal — I could never do anything like that. I don't have it in me."

But inside the back office, which had now become an "interrogation room," Ogborn's protests fell on deaf ears.

"She said, 'Well, they said it was a little girl that looked like you in a McDonald's uniform, so it had to be you.'"

having worked in fast food I'd have told the manager to go -f- herself right here. This is a normal part of things going sideways... abnormalicy shows up here

Ogborn was told to empty her pockets and surrender her car keys and cell phone, which she did. Then the caller demanded that Summers have Ogborn remove her clothes — even her underwear — leaving her with just a small, dirty apron to cover her naked body.

Summers says she never second-guessed what she was being asked to do, as she firmly believed the person she was talking to was a police officer. Ogborn says she trusted her manager to do what was right.

Ok... you see I could see the manager being ok with her surrendering things in her pockets

But Naked? What the ~#_)(*#@(_#* When do police strip people down before they are in jail? They DON'T. I am sorry this right here is the point where the sicko on the phone crossed a line from improbable to "Dude who is this really"

But... it gets worse.

"He [Bradley] takes the phone and they're telling him to have me do certain things and drop the apron," she said. "He wouldn't have any part of it."

Bradley walked out in disgust, leaving Summers with no one to watch Ogborn. Then the caller made an odd request, asking Summers to call her fiancé to have him watch the girl.

Ok..... Did any actual I don't know conversation happen with Mr. Bradley?

"Ummmmmmmmm are you guys filming a porn here? I mean seriously? This can't be real..."

No... 'Pperently not.

"I honestly thought he was a police officer and what I was doing was the right thing," said Summers. "I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing."

WHY would a police officer ask you to call your fiance to watch over a naked woman? What the h#!! is wrong with this woman?

At this point in the story it ceased to be amusing and I became shocked at the foolishness of these people.

Nix, a 43-year-old exterminator, began following the caller's commands, ordering Ogborn to drop her apron, bend over and stand on a chair.

Then — as ridiculous as it sounds — he told her to do jumping jacks to shake loose anything she might be hiding. Ogborn says that was just the beginning of two more hours of torment.

The demands became more and more bizarre. When Ogborn says that when she failed to address Nix as "sir," the caller tells him to hit her violently on the buttocks over and over. At one point on the video, Ogborn was "spanked" for almost 10 full minutes.

"He told me I was asking too many questions, so he was told to hit me," she said. "I just said, 'Please don't do this.'"

And what the h#!! is wrong with this man...... the only positive thing I think is the manager gets to realize her fiance is an outright tool and psycho.

Summers denies Ogborn ever asked her to call the police or that the girl pleaded with her.

Ogborn says that after more than three hours of dehumanizing treatment, Nix — again on the instructions of the caller — forced Ogborn to perform a sexual act.

The caller then told Nix to hand the phone back to Summers and instructed her to bring in someone else.

Again...... WTF? I mean her fiance is a f***ing rapist but what was summers in the room when this happened? Didn't she notice her boyfriend or the girl in the "just had sex" position

What the donkey loving christmas is wrong with these people~!

This time, she had Thomas Simms, a 58-year-old maintenance man who worked at the restaurant, get on the phone with the caller, but Simms refused to comply with the caller's strange demands.

"Tom told me, 'This man is asking … for her to drop her apron so I can see her without the apron,' " she recalled. "And I said, 'Do what?!' "

Summers frantically called her manager, Lisa Siddons, who the caller claimed had been on the other line all along. But when Siddons answered her phone, she said she'd been sleeping.

She just believed her manager was on the line? I am sorry but It strains my sense of reality that this woman can be that stupid.

Unless she is the "May I take your order" type ( we all remember those commercials.)

I am of the mind she may actually have been in on this... it seems to be to unbelievable that this woman is that stupid.

but sadly the story provides evidence that yes virginia she may be that stupid

At a McDonald's in Hinesville, Ga., a caller convinced a 55-year-old janitor to do a cavity search of a 19-year-old cashier, while in Fargo, N.D., a manager at a local Burger King strip-searched a 17-year-old female employee.

In Phoenix, a caller had a Taco Bell manager pick out a customer and then strip-search her. And police in Massachusetts had been looking for a man who called three Wendy's restaurants near Boston in a single day.

It saddens me that these people have all probably bred.

passing their defective DNA and life skills on to children.

And all of these stories put me in the mind of the real hero of this story Thomas Simms

"Tom told me, 'This man is asking … for her to drop her apron so I can see her without the apron,' " she recalled. "And I said, 'Do what?!' "

A shrink involved in this thing says something that I find incredulous also... yet, the evidence of other cases makes me think "Ok he might be on to something."

"Everything is by the book," he explained. "This is how you serve it. This is exactly how you do it. You follow the book — you're OK. I believe he picked fast food restaurants because he knew, once you got them away from that book, once it was something outside the manual or the procedures, they would be lost."

To which I would counter

"When has a cop asked you to strip naked?"

"Well... darn you win this round defense attorney."

Basic sense is defied in every point in this story yet people comply.

In a statement, McDonald's said, "We take this matter very seriously and through our training try very hard to warn employees about such schemes."

"If a man asks you to do a body cavity search of an employee with some soda syrup he probably isn't a cop."

I doubt this is (prior to this point) in training manuals because I couldn't fathom people being this unbelievably stupid.

People being this stupid Is beyond my ability to comprehend.

And now I go off to proctor an SAT with a bunch of kids alone in a building....

I am scared enough just having that happen, I don't know why any sane person would ever do any of this.

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